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Outdoor Cameras: An Eagle Eye for Your Home

Having a security camera monitoring your home or property is a smart move as this can deter theft and allow you to check any activity at any given time from virtually any location. But with a plethora of choices available on the market, picking the right one can be tricky. A question often asked by consumers is whether to get an indoor camera or an outdoor camera like the ones https://outdoorcameras.com.au/ are offering.

So, what differentiates one from the other? A major distinction is the kind of external elements that each has to weather. While the two kinds of cameras have nearly identical styles and features, outdoor cameras are made to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions. Outdoor cameras are also usually made out of tougher materials, such as metal. Because of this, they can be a lot heavier and are also often encased in a sturdy container to thwart any attempts at tampering or even removal.

On the other hand, indoor cameras are usually smaller, lighter and subtler compared to their outdoor counterparts.

However, if the security of your home or property is what you are after, outdoor security cameras hold a slight edge because of these specific benefits:

1) Easy Control

In today’s hyper-connected world, surveillance cameras can now be controlled with either a swipe or a tap on a smartphone. Through mobile apps that outdoor cameras usually come with, you will be notified immediately of any disturbance at your premises. Not only that, but you will also be able to take a look at the live feed, record and even review footage taken by the camera.

2) Incredible Durability

Whether it is day or night, no matter what the weather is, an outdoor security camera will watch over your home without fail. As a matter of fact, some companies like https://outdoorcameras.com.au/ go as far as to extensively test every new model to make sure it can cope with Australia’s extreme weather conditions.

3) Added Layer of Security

Should your outdoor camera notice any movements on your property, you will immediately be sent an alert while the camera automatically files away footage of the activity for you to play back later on. Other models come equipped with two-way audio that lets you try to ward off any intruders or unwanted guests with the use of your smartphone. There are even premium outdoor cameras that are capable of immediately alerting security personnel should any motion-triggered activity be observed.

Now that you know what the benefits of having an outdoor camera are, the next question is: what features should you consider in choosing a good outdoor camera for your home? We’ve listed down a few below:

  • Video Quality

Simply put, the higher resolution of your camera, the sharper and crisper your images will be. Look for cameras that have a resolution of 1080p or even higher for the best view possible.

  • Night Vision

The ability to record clear images even in low-light conditions is a crucial element of what makes a great outdoor surveillance camera. In order to get the best view, consider getting a camera that has infrared technology. In addition, you should also look for outdoor cameras that have at least 100 feet of night vision.

  • The Ability to Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

You should also take a look at cameras that give you the ability to remotely pan, tilt and zoom. This provides you with better coverage for large areas as well as the best angles for optimum viewing.

If you remain unsure about the kind of camera you, your family and property needs, it is always recommended to consult the experts. There are plenty of companies in Australia that specialise in surveillance cameras but if ever you find yourself needing one in Queensland, you should go check in with the staff over at https://outdoorcameras.com.au/. They will help you pick out a camera that fits both your needs and budget.